You are kidding me, right?

The date for the next big Tesla event is now officially set for October 26. That is when the wraps will come off the Semi: the automaker's electric take on the tractor portion of the ubiquitous tractor-trailer.

As excited as we are about this product reveal — and we are pretty excited about the potential for disruption this vehicle could bring to the freight transport business — we have to admit we're even more jazzed about the next truck-ish unveiling. If you're keeping score at home, that should be the Tesla Pickup, a vehicle which will be available for the mass market, and one which won't require a commercial licence (CDL) to drive. CEO Elon Musk said last April it could happen in 18 to 24 months.

The reason we bring it up now is because Musk  made mention of it on the weekend in reply to a tweet. Asked one Jason Cruickshank, "Can we get a light duty pickup next?".

Now, Elon probably has a million things to do on any given day, even weekends, but he took the time to respond with, "What if we just made a mini version of the Tesla Semi?".  So, is this confirmation that the pickup will actually look like a mini version of the Semi, as some have suggested?

No, to our minds, it is not. More likely, we believe, this was a joke. Why? Well, as amusing as the thought of people getting hyped about driving electric mini-Semi trucks is, the teaser image we've seen so far (top) indicates, quite strongly, that this design would be impractical for a pickup truck. It is simply too tall to fit in anyone's garage, among other things.

What will a Tesla pickup actually look like? Well, unlike most of the speculative renders we've seen kicking around the internet, it won't be a pickup truck with the fascia of a Model S or X slapped on it. Sure, it may have some styling elements found in other vehicles in the Tesla lineup, but we think it should really have its own thing going on — an aggressive look that balances capability and efficiency.

How does this jive with your thoughts on Tesla Pickup styling? Let us know in Comments.

Source: Twitter