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The new Tesla Supercharger Fair Use Policy will apply to all global Superchargers, as well as all vehicles purchased/leased after December 15, 2017.

Unfortunately, all Tesla vehicles acquired prior to the specified date don't have to adhere to the new policy. However, it does include vehicles acquired through any type of transaction; public or private, Tesla or Third Party.

Once we have a measurable number of Model 3s on the road, the already growing problem of Tesla Supercharger crowding and misuse will become exponential in certain areas. Tesla is getting ahead of the issue by updating its policy. Specifically, the new "fair use" policy will work to discourage commercial use of the EV chargers.

Tesla Model S and X at Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Model S and X at Tesla Supercharger

Tesla has maintained all along that the Supercharger network is primarily for long-distance travel. People are expected to charge their vehicles at home, generally overnight. This should provide more than enough miles for the average, or even lengthy, commute. Although, when people are traveling great distances, the Supercharger network becomes a necessity and is one of the number one advantages of being a Tesla owner.

Due to the availability of Superchargers, and the fact that it has been free, many Tesla owners use them to charge on a regular basis. This will be a problem when the automaker's global fleet grows substantially.

This new policy will also apply to Tesla taxi and service fleets, but only if and when the companies purchase a new vehicle. Due to the cutoff date mentioned above, current fleets can still use the charging network as they have in the past. Tesla has future plans to provide other charging alternatives for fleets.

In the event that owners or businesses abuse the new policy, Tesla has the ability to remove/limit the vehicle's ability to access the network.

Supercharger Fair Use Policy (via the automaker's legal website):


We are continually expanding our global network of Supercharger stations to enable personal long distance travel and to provide a charging solution for those without immediate access to home or workplace charging, thereby accelerating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. When Superchargers are used beyond their intended purpose, it negatively impacts the availability of Supercharging services for others.

Supercharger Fair Use

won't be able to access the Tesla Supercharger network when they purchase new vehicles, however, Tesla has future plans for fleet charging.

won't be able to access the Tesla Supercharger network when they purchase new vehicles, however, Tesla has future plans for fleet charging.

To help ensure that Superchargers are available for their intended use, we ask that you not charge your vehicle using a Supercharger if your vehicle is being used:

  • as a taxi;
  • for ridesourcing or ridesharing (through Uber, Lyft or similar services);
  • to commercially deliver or transport goods;
  • for government purposes; or
  • for any other commercial venture.
  • If you charge your vehicle in a manner that does not comply with this Supercharger Fair Use Policy, we may ask you to modify this behavior. We may also take additional action to protect the availability of Superchargers for their intended purpose, such as limiting or blocking your vehicle’s ability to use Supercharger stations.
This Policy applies to all Superchargers worldwide and all Tesla vehicles purchased, either new or used, whether from Tesla or a third party, after December 15, 2017. Tesla may choose to exclude certain Supercharger stations or occasional trips from the scope of this Policy, such as to accommodate specific local circumstances.

Charging Alternatives

We encourage the commercial use of Tesla vehicles while using appropriate charging solutions. Please reach out to your local sales contact to explore vehicle and charging options that suit your needs. For questions related to home charging, please contact charginginstallation@tesla.com.

Source: Tesla via Electrek

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