This is the first time we've seen Tesla Model 3 delivery paperwork. Hopefully, the video doesn't get removed, however, thankfully we've taken a bunch of screenshots to share.

SuperGadgetGuy reminds us that there is no leasing option available and no employee pricing or special offers. He also reiterates that you can only get the Long Range Battery model for now and there a limited number of colors choices, along with two-wheel options (18-inch Aero wheels are included, or you can upgrade to 19-inch Sport wheels for $1,500). This is all information that we're already aware of and have shared many times, though it's important to recap.

Tesla Model 3 Keycard and Case

Tesla Model 3 Keycard and Case

He also noted that, due to where he lives, there were only two delivery center options; the Fremont Factory or the San Francisco Tesla store. One interesting note is that the 3- and 4-year maintenance plans specific to the Model S and X are included in the packet. However, Tesla is not offering those for the Model 3. The 3 gets a different set of service agreements, which are shown on the next page (photos below). He also says that this is why Tesla is not yet opening up deliveries to the general public because the information in the paperwork is still a work in progress.

This particular Model 3 was manufactured on November 20, 2017, and he picked it up on November 24. He pointed out that it took about four days for Tesla to activate his keycards. Since he took delivery over the holiday weekend, he didn't realize that he was supposed to fill out the area in the packet that applies to any issues or damages with the car upon delivery. As you can see in the video and from the attached photos, he did have some issues, which he'll report to Tesla soon.

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