Have a look at the Tesla Model 3's first filmed laps around a familiar raceway.

Model 3 owner Matt Crowley recently shared his experience on the Tesla Motors Club forum. He took his stock Model 3 (with Unplugged Performance aftermarket springs) to the infamous Laguna Seca to put it through the paces. Needless to say, Crowley was more than pleasantly surprised by the sedan's success.

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Tesla Model 3 at Laguna Seca

Tesla Model 3 at Laguna Seca

Crowley figured the Tesla would only make it a few laps before slowing down, however, this was not the case. His entire session consisted of nine full laps, and the Model 3 hung in there at full power through to the end. During that time, the car used up 135 miles of range and completely wore out its brakes. He shared:

“The first session of the day had NO battery power limitations! Nine laps without slowing down! Yes!”

Generally, the expectation is that the car's software wouldn't allow for such a feat. Perhaps Tesla hasn't updated the software yet to limit performance after a certain period of time, the lighter, more agile car is just better-equipped for such situations, and/or not programmed the same as Tesla's flagships.

We're all well aware that that Model 3 can't live up to true sports cars on this course or any other, but it managed to fare pretty well. Crowley's best lap was 1:57.50. Teslarati points out a Porsche 911 Carrera's 1:54.22 and a Honda NSX' 1:57.00 for comparison.

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Video Description via Michael Crowley on YouTube:

Took my Tesla Model 3 on Laguna Seca Raceway for a track day event on Sunday March 4, 2018. This was a last minute decision, since my Porsche Cayman GT4 track car had a check engine light come on, the day before the event. So, why not try the Tesla Model 3 at Laguna...?

Model 3 setup: - 2017 Tesla Model 3 (rear wheel drive, long range 310 mile, premium upgrades) - 19" TSportline cast wheels w/ Pirelli PZero Nero GT tires (PSI: 33 front / 35 rear) - Lowered 1.5" w/ 'moderate' springs from Unplugged Performance - Weather forecast: Mostly sunny skies. High around 55F (12.8°C). Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

- Charging: Monterey Supercharger in between sessions (not sure how many times yet)

Source: Teslarati

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