If reservation numbers are sequential, there's a chance that Tesla has logged over 1,230 Semi reservations to date.

As we've previously reported, Tesla (or other corporations placing Semi orders) have made it publicly known that Semi reservations are at least as high as 190 units. However, those are just publicly announced figures. Surely there's a lot more orders that for one of several reasons have remained out of the spotlight.

Now it seems we may have a solid grasp on the actual reservation figures, provided reservations numbers are sequential.

Check out this Instragram post from Elemental Landscapes LTD. It appears to show that the company has reservation #1,230 for the Tesla Semi:

If in fact Tesla has that number of order or more, than the automaker is sitting on at least some $24.6 million  in reservation cash (provided all the reservations are for the lesser non Founder's Series Semi) or up to some $246 million if all reservations to date are for the Founder's Series. That amount of money will go a long way in funding such actions as tooling up for more Model 3 production and/or refreshing the Model S.

Source: Instagram via Green Car Reports

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