Samsung SDI often follows motor shows around the world, as they are a high profile venue to exhibit all kinds of battery cell and pack technology, while tempting manufacturers to give them a try.

And today from the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Korean battery maker brought a few new products: multi-functional (modular)battery packs, using low height cells, and cylindrical batteries based on the new technology standard '21700'.

"The concept of the products Samsung SDI displayed at the show is “a battery company preparing for the popularization of EVs,” and high technologies were applied to them accordingly."

With the addition of recently constructed EV battery plant in Hungary, Samsung SDI has completed its worldwide production trifecta, now alsso boasting plants in Ulsan, South Korea and Xian, China.

Samsung SDI said that a 20 module pack in a premium car could enable 600-700 km (370-435 miles) of range. In a more regular model, half of those would (obviously) enable 300 km (186 miles).

Naturally we assume that each module is good for ~30-35 km (19-22 miles), so an OEM can more easily spec pack design, and offer multiple range choices for consumers.

Multifunctional battery pack

“Multifunctional battery pack” of Samsung SDI attracted the most attention. Its users can change the number of modules as they want as if they place books on a shelf. For example, if 20 modules are installed in a premium car, it can go 600 to 700 kilometers. If 10 to 12 modules are mounted on a regular sedan, it can run up to 300 kilometers. This pack is expected to attract attention from automakers, because they can design a car whose mileage vary depending on how many modules of a single pack are installed.

The next product on the 2017 IAA feature table is the Low Height Cell, which are also pretty long - for applications where the floor needs to be lower.

"Another groundbreaking product Samsung SDI exhibited is “Low Height Cell.” This is a cell whose height has been reduced by more than 20 percent than that of other existing cells. If this cell is applied, it can decrease the battery load height in an EV. It raises interior space utilization, enabling automakers to develop EVs of various designs."

And finally, there are 21700 cylindrical cells and modules. Samsung SDI supplies those 21700 cells to Tesla Powerpack in largest energy storage order ever (100 MW / 129 MWh).

"Samsung SDI also displayed cells and modules based on the new 21700 standard of cylindrical battery. A ‘21700’ battery is 21 millimeters in diameter and 70 millimeters in height. Its capacity is 50 percent bigger than the existing 18650 battery. Its size is optimal for maximizing capacity, life and output simultaneously. The new battery beats batteries of any other size in light of cost competitiveness. A 21700 battery draws attention from major global manufacturers as the next-generation standard which can be applied to all sorts of products including electric vehicles, ESS and electric tools."

Samsung SDI President Jun Young-hyun said:

“Our products unveiled at the show are expected to advance the popularization of EVs because they use high technologies optimized to the needs of customers and the market. We will keep leading the battery industry with our unrivaled technology.”

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