The numbers are in...

Though range is lower than Hyundai initially stated (32 miles was claimed), combined electric range on battery power alone is still rather high for Hyundai's IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid.

City range in all-electric checks in at 30.25 miles. Highway range is 26.87 miles. Combined range is a solid 29 miles from the  8.9-kWh battery pack.

As seen in the official EPA graphic below, total range is an impressive 630 miles, meaning you've got a lot of driving between fuel stops.

Charge time is 2.3 hours on 240 volts, while composite MPGe figures check in 78 city, 74 highway and 76 combined. That's not the number you'll see listed on the window sticker though. Composite MPGe differs from MPGe. The window sticker will show 119 MPGe combined.

ioniq phev

In terms of fuel efficiency, the IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid doesn't disappoint. Noted in the graphic below is city MPG of 53, highway MPG of 52 and a combined MPG figure of 52.

ioniq 2

The missing piece of the IONIQ PHEV puzzle is still price. We expect it to be listed for under $30,000, but there's no official word on pricing right now.

Though delayed a time or two, the IONIQ PHEV is expected to go on sale by month's end.

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