Top Selling All-Electric Cars in California in 2017

Top Selling All-Electric Cars in California in 2017

The Tesla Model S is no longer the top selling all-electric car in California. That title now belongs to an electric car from General Motors.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV grabbed that crown from the Model S for 2017, but 2018 could see Tesla return to the number 1 spot with the Model 3.

According to the latest sales data for California, in 2017 the most popular BEV model was the Chevrolet Bolt EV with 13,487 registrations.

That's more than Tesla Model S, which is very popular in California, but if we included the Model X, then Tesla would still remain as the top BEV supplier in California..

We think the Bolt's #1 spot will be short-lived though as we fully expect the  Tesla Model 3 to take a lead for 2018.

Overall, sales in California grew in 2017:

  • BEVs: 51,225 (up 30.4%) at 2.5% market share
  • PHEVs: 44,962 (up 29.5%) at 2.2% market share
Combined share of 4.7% is higher than the 4.6% noted for conventional hybrids.

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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