This Tesla is still wagon its tail

Do you remember that Tesla Model S station wagon, oops, excuse us, shooting brake, we followed through from concept to completion a while back? Well, it's on the road now, but it's still making headlines.

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Qwest Norfolk Tesla Model S wagon with adorable dog.

Qwest Norfolk Tesla Model S wagon with adorable dog.

Besides chatting up the design team, Autocar also got some seat time. According to them, the interior in the rear matches perfectly with the alcantera headliner up front. Of course, the real test for any new or altered vehicle happens when the rubber hits the road. The verdict here is summed up in a couple sentences:

But these improvements have no noticeable impact on the car’s driving experience. There are no new sounds and the car rides and corners exactly as a regular Model S. Its defining trait, that scenery-blurring acceleration, remains unchanged. 

If all proceeds as expected, the reshaped Tesla won't be a one-of-a-kind. Qwest Norfolk are offering the alteration to as many as 30 Model S owners in exchange for the £70,000 (97,267) per project. A princely sum to be sure, but one, it seems, that some are willing to pay to fulfill their vehicular desires.

Source: Autocar

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