Just in time for Christmas it seems.

Maxed out Tesla Model 3 orders will begin shipping out to non-employees as early as next week. That's the latest word via Reddit.

Perhaps those stockpiled Model 3s we spotted the other day are actually non-employee cars waiting for delivery starting next week?

The Reddit post reads:

"Our Non-Employee Maxed Out Model 3 is Delivering Monday!!! - VIN #2079 - it’s for my GF and she’s like a kid at Christmas!"

The VIN # is basically meaningless, as reports suggest earlier VINs have not yet been assigned or delivered, so don't focus on that 2079 number.

Model 3

Model 3

Back in late November, Tesla opened up the ordering process to the general public reservation holders. At the time, the delivery time frame was listed at as short as 4 weeks. It seems that some of those deliveries are now being moved forward.

We should find out early next week if non-employee deliveries actually do commence.

To date, Tesla has delivered an estimated 712 Model 3s, a number that's far below initial expectations put forth by the automaker.  Last month during its Q3 earnings report, the automaker pushed back initial production timelines for the 3 by three months, stating the "5,000/per week" target had been moved from the end of Q4 to the end of Q3.

Source: Reddit

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