Consumer Reports took delivery of their Tesla Model 3, and now the time has come for the publication to share some video reviews.

Inside the Tesla Model 3, LA Auto Show (Image Credit: Tom M/InsideEVs)

Inside the Tesla Model 3, LA Auto Show (Image Credit: Tom M/InsideEVs)

The first of CR's videos is a "deep dive" into the Model 3. Be prepared to set aside about 20 minutes to hear what they have to say about Tesla's "new" small sedan.

They point out that many other publications received the vehicle ahead of them, but there's a whole lot of hype out there. This review is an attempt to treat the Model 3 like any other car and share with consumers what it's really like overall.

Regardless of CR's "love/hate" relationship with Tesla (and we believe both opinions are warranted due to the company's mix of successes and shortfalls), they tend to be pretty thorough and have obviously pored over a whole slew of other cars throughout the years and in the very recent present.

So, it's safe to say that they know what they're looking for and what people expect in a car. It's also nice to watch and read a plethora of reviews to get a more objective idea of the facts and fabrications.

Video Description via Consumer Reports on YouTube:

Our Tesla Model 3 is finally here at the track, and we go in-depth on our initial impressions, including build quality, how it drives, and what we think of that big center screen.

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Below, we've also shared CR's 360-Degree track tour video. They take you along for a ride in the new car to provide additional insight, complete with 360-degree views to make it seem as if you're actually in the vehicle getting a chance to take a look around. This one is a bit more fun than the above, and it's short and sweet. Hopefully, both videos work to further educate you about the Tesla Model 3.

Video Description via Consumer Reports on YouTube:

We just bought our own Tesla Model 3, and invite you to ride along with us as we drive the car at our 327-acre test facility. Experience in full 360-degree views the Model 3's interior space, Tesla's Autopilot driving feature, and what it feels like to take a lap around our handling course.

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