EVgo DC fast charger

EVgo DC fast charger

EVgo recently opened its 1,000th DC fast charger in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

The latest installation of two chargers was conducted in partnership with Nissan North America.

The 1,000th station is centrally-located near Washington, D.C., in one of Falls Church, Va.'s newest apartment communities, The Loren, developed and managed by The Bozzuto Group.

According to EVgo, the network currently operates in 66 of the top-selling EV market, covering the metropolitan areas where 90% of new electric cars are sold.

EVgo typically uses 50 kW multi-standard DC fast chargers, equipped with both CHAdeMO and CCS Combo plugs and separate AC Level 2 station on site.

For comparison, ChargePoint lists 656 Express spots, while Tesla installed has over 480 Supercharging stations (with more than 3,000 stalls).

"According to a recent EVgo study, Arlington, Va., the major metro area neighboring Falls Church, ranked eighth among the top cities for DC Fast Charging with an average of 96,600 miles charged per month. Due to the high demand for fast charging options in the area, EVgo selected Falls Church as the ideal location for its 1,000th DC Fast Charger site.

The Loren apartment complex is located along Arlington Boulevard, which allows for easy access to Washington, D.C., making the location perfect for commuters and students to charge up quickly on their way to and from the nation's capital. Additionally, the DC Fast Chargers are an important feature for EV owners who live in the apartment complex, as they might not otherwise have such convenient access to a charging option of this speed. Residents in the area can download the recently launched EVgo mobile app for Apple and Android to conveniently fast charge with the swipe of a finger.

The newly completed DC Fast charging station represents a continued commitment from both EVgo and Nissan to infrastructure investment across the U.S. The Falls Church station includes two DC Fast Chargers. Each of the chargers is capable of delivering up to 50kW of charge, which provides 80 percent state of charge in 30 minutes for most electric vehicles, equivalent to about 150 miles of range per hour."

Terry O'Day, Vice President, Product Strategy and Market Development at EVgo remarked:

"The completion of EVgo's 1,000th charging station is a huge milestone in our mission to electrify the nation with a fast, convenient DC Fast charging network. The Washington, D.C. Metro area has one of the highest concentrations of electric vehicles in the country and we look forward to helping facilitate commuter charging throughout the region. With the recent launch of the EVgo Mobile App, it's now even easier for EV owners to charge rapidly while on the go."

JeSean Hopkins, Senior Manager, EV Infrastructure Strategy and Business Development commented:

"Having access to reliable and convenient EV charging points is key in deciding to buy an electric vehicle, and Nissan is committed to providing that access to our customers. More charging stations makes EVs a viable option for more people. And with the new Nissan LEAF on sale in January in all 50 states, we expect to see more people considering electric vehicles."

Peter Zadoretzky, Director of Sustainability at Bozzuto Management Company stated:

"Bozzuto is keenly aware of the explosive growth of EV charging not only across the country, but amongst our residents and prospects. Our ability to offer on-site, rapid charging is a tremendous amenity and is in line with our commitment to offering extraordinary experiences of home and community through outstanding service and the latest technology. By reducing anxiety over charging times as part of a suite of EV charging options available at The Loren, this station adds to the sense of sanctuary we offer those who live, work, or visit our communities."

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