BMW Group intends to sell around 150,000 plug-in electric cars next year, which is 50% more than the target for 2017 (100,000).

The first BMW i3s was delivered in late December (to our own Tom Moloughney no less)

The first BMW i3s was delivered in late December (to our own Tom Moloughney no less)

Mid-December BMW announced it had hit its 2017 goal of selling 100,000 plug-ins (details) - now its time to aim even higher.

At the end of this year, cumulative sales should hit 200,000.  In 2016, plug-in electric car sales amounted to just more than 62,000, so steady progress is being made.

Klaus Froehlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development, said that the volume will continue to go up, but the cars needs to be profitable at the same time:

“We’ll definitely boost sales by a mid-double digit amount. This is to stay ahead of the competition that’s starting to do its own rollout.’

“This can’t be just about showcase cars. We have to boost profitability and keep prices on an acceptable level by delving very, very deeply into our cost structure.’’

The latest offerings from the BMW Group are the i3s (check out our short take here) plug-in hybrid MINI and the recently presented BMW i8 Roadster. It's expected that next year BMW will upgrade the range of the i3, which should translate into higher sales too.

2018 BMW i3s

2018 BMW i3s

Interestingly, at least according to the article, BMW has struggled with slow sales of the i3, which - as we understand - were expected to be higher that was was realized. Since late 2013, BMW has delivered more than 100,000 i3.

"BMW’s struggles with slow sales of the i3 city car, which used a lightweight carbon-fiber body for the first time in a mass-produced vehicle, prompted the carmaker to dial back its electric ambitions and pause from adding more electric-only models to its lineup."

Side note is that BMW Group sold its stake in the joint venture SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers that produces the carbon-fiber for the BMW i3 and i8 to SGL Group. The cooperation will be continued, but it now seems to be less important to BMW than other areas - like battery labs.

source: Bloomberg

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