Subaru is expected to launch its first plug-in hybrid in 2018 and also an all-electric model in 2020, but don't expect the Japanese manufacturer to cut a special offering for its electric future.

Subaru Stella EV

Subaru Stella EV

The stand-alone model is apparently not the part of equation for Subaru, unfortunately.

Subaru intends to offer a battery electric powertrain as an option to a conventional setup in existing models, using a general platform that handles all powertrains.

Several years ago, Subaru offered the Stella EV, a converted ICE vehicle.  And at this point, we don't know yet which Subaru(s) will be electrified.

Subaru's chief designer Mamoru Ishii stated:

“Subaru cars are designed to support people’s lifestyles, so it should not be a case of designing the car for the powertrain. If customers want change we’ll respond - our cars are about customers loving using them how they are designed - but we are not going to change our design focus just to highlight a new way of powering the car.”

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Source: Autocar

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