What if the Tesla Model 3's already all-encompassing touch-screen display responded to gesture controls?

Though the Tesla Model 3's simplistic design relies on a touch screen to perform nearly every function in the vehicle, and it may seem like the way of the future, it can also be problematic. Other automakers have moved to eliminate physical knobs and buttons, which has led to mixed reviews.

Tesla Model 3: three-finger fan adjustment gesture control demo

Tesla Model 3: three-finger fan adjustment gesture control demo

People have a need for the tactile experience. We're used to being able to grab a knob to turn the audio volume up or down or adjust the temperature in our vehicles. Additionally, dealing with a touch screen and multiple layers of menus can find you reaching and taking your eyes and concentration off the road. Once the car is "driving itself," this will be less of an issue, but for now, it's something that should be seriously considered.

Teslarati discovered the above video outlining some work by Michael Cherkashin, Creative Director at Hug Agency in Los Angeles. Cherkashin realized that some areas of the screen may be out of reach for people or certain features may be difficult to access for "righties" or "lefties." Moreover, different people may prioritize different facets of the touch screen over others.

To combat this issue, Cherkashin redesigned the Model 3 UI to allow for individual adjustments. Users can move screen functions around to suit their reach and needs. He also took it a step further by adding two- and three-finger gesture controls, much like you would use on a tablet or smartphone. However, these gesture controls are specific to dealing with the audio system and climate control (the two key areas that many people complain about not having tactile control over in cars without physical button and knobs).

What do you think of this idea? Will all vehicles eventually rely on screens, gestures, and voice control instead of buttons and knobs?

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Source: Teslarati

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