The upcoming all-electric BMW X3, named iX3 and scheduled for 2020, probably will be the first with BMW's new 5th generation electric powertrain.

It's expected that new iX3 will not look much different than the conventional X3 version. The nose probably will be grill-less and the name will begin with "i," just like all of the new BEVs from BMW.

BMW iX3 Will Herald In Automaker's 5th Generation EV Powertrain
"The BMW Group’s latest stance on EV design is to be more discreet; Mini brand boss Sebastian Mackensen told Autocar recently that the marque “doesn’t need to make a big statement” about EVs."

The iX3 also probably will be the first al-electric BMW with two motors - one per axle for all-wheel drive.

All-electric range of the new X3 probably will likely be up to few hundred kilometers, as that would be required to stay competitive.

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The other new BEVs from BMW Group that were confirmed are the i4 and, of course, the electric MINI.

Source: Autocar

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