Tesla Model 3 stockpile (Image Credit: <a href=@ethancushing via Instagram)" draggable="false">

Tesla Model 3 stockpile (Image Credit: @ethancushing via Instagram)

We're getting more and more tips of Tesla Model 3 vehicles spotted in various locations throughout California.

We previously reported about a new 131,000-square-foot property Tesla acquired in the Silicon Beach area near Marina Del Rey. The site is complete with multiple areas for parking vehicles and is reportedly a soon-to-be delivery center for the automaker. Additionally, not long after that sighting, a parking garage was discovered in Playa Vista (very near the new property), with a plethora of Tesla vehicles, including Model 3s. Not surprisingly, the video of the site was taken down.

Since then, we've received a handful of tips with mostly blurry or distant images of Model 3 sedans in various locations, some as far as 300 or more miles apart, but all within California, of course. Also, a growing number of 3s have been arriving at the Marina Del Rey property.

As you can see in the photo above, Instagram user, @ethancushing, was able to secure some picture of about 30 Tesla Model 3 vehicles at the site. Below is also his Tweet regarding the sighting.

Tesla Model 3 stockpile in Playa Vista

Tesla Model 3 stockpile in Playa Vista


Some 330 miles away, in Lathrop, California, Tesla is storing vehicles as well. Lathrop is much closer to the Fremont factory, in the San Francisco area, whereas these other sightings have been near Los Angeles.

Check out the photos of the Lathrop storage area below. We apologize for the picture quality. Sam Li made us aware of the location and then took it upon himself to try to get some pictures on our behalf. He noted that the security guards wouldn't let him get very near the facility, and rain, fog, and the sun made for difficulty in securing better shots. It looks as though there are Model S and Model 3 vehicles on site. Interestingly, he included shots of the signage on the property, which shows a need for auto haulers.

Hat tip to Sam Li!

Also, InsideEVs reader pjwood1 sent us this photo of a new Tesla Model 3 in a Boston delivery bay:

Tesla Model 3 in Boston (via pjwood1) - click to enlarge

Tesla Model 3 in Boston (via pjwood1) - click to enlarge

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