The Tesla Powerwall (energy storage system) is getting more and more interest from Midwest, where consumers would also like to store solar surplus electricity, and have backup power.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

As a case in point, St. Paul-based All Energy Solar, one of the first in the country offer Tesla Powerwall installations, has all the business it can handle.

Why?  The reason is fairly straight-forward:

“When the sun goes down, our house is still using energy generated from our solar panels. It is a good feeling knowing the energy is clean energy," said Ross Starfeldt, a homeowner in Bloomington.

A dozen or so Tesla storage systems have already been installed in the Twin Cities, but All Energy has another 50 customers waiting patiently for their turn next.

Brian Allen, co-founder of All Energy Solar explains that the costs of battery energy storage decreased enough to spark interest.

“Energy storage has been top of mind for a lot of solar energy customers, but cost has always been a driving factor. We’re now to the point where energy storage makes a lot more sense.”

"Allen started having conversations with Tesla about ­Powerwall two years ago, he said. The company submitted an application to become a certified installer and the company went through a “full-on vetting,” Allen said. Last year, he and a master electrician were allowed to attend an out-of-state training session at Tesla. All Energy began installing Powerwall batteries just two months ago."

The costs of having the Tesla Powerwall varies. The base unit costs $6,200 with supporting hardware, while typical installation cost ranges from $800 to $2,000.

source: Star Tribune

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