Tesla Model 3 first rides near Gigafactory

Tesla Model 3 first rides near Gigafactory

It comes as no surprise that people's first rides in a Tesla Model 3 arouse plenty of laughter.

It's an EV thing, right? Of course, practically anyone getting in a Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode for the first time would likely be awestruck by the initial acceleration. This is not only because it's the fastest accelerating car on the road today, but also because the instant torque of an EV powertrain is something that just can't be explained ... it must be experienced.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

However, it's not only a top-of-the-line Model S that will cause such a sensation. This is true of many EVs. Even the Chevrolet Volt or Bolt, and their ~6.5 or 8 second zero to 60 mph sprints, surprise ICE drivers as soon as they push the pedal.

The Tesla Model 3 in its current configuration (long range edition) hits 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. Like all Tesla vehicles, it nearly jumps when you push the pedal down. As you can hear in the recent Instagram video (below) shared by jnchel, it's sure to conjure up quite a few happy giggles.

If you took the same video in a notoriously fast ICE car, there's no doubt you might hear similar reactions once the car reached a certain speed. But off the line, when the vehicle is still struggling to get its engine at max, it's surely not as exhilarating as the instantaneous, push-you-back-in-your-seat kind of thrust of a Tesla vehicle.

Jnchel wrote in the comments section:

"This was a completely unexpected and thanks for bringing the infamy to my laugh....i always thought it may have been a bit special :) the ride was fantastic so I am hoping that this encourages everyone to go for a drive to test it out!"

"equate it to the high I get when u go full throttle on a jet ski or the nervous giddiness when u are approaching a drop on a rollercoaster"

As reported by Electrek, Tesla Model 3 deliveries are now reaching outside of the area immediate to the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. The site reported that employees in other states are starting to receive their cars and a Model 3 was recently spotted heading as far as Louisiana. The above video was captured at a first ride event for employees in Nevada, at the Tesla Gigafactory. It's assumed that there is a multitude of Gigafactory employees that will soon be taking delivery of the world's most anticipated new vehicle.

Tesla will continue to expand its deliveries as time moves forward. The month of September will still be small in terms of production, but October is supposed to begin the transition to customer deliveries (meaning outside of Tesla employees). The first customers to receive the opportunity to bring their reservation to fruition will be those in close proximity to the Tesla factory who currently own a Tesla vehicle and made their reservation earliest.

Tesla has a long road ahead, and many folks won't see their car for a year or more. But, perhaps as these vehicles begin to roll out on a more regular basis, and in a variety of locations, more people will be afforded a chance to take a ride in one and "LOL" from the unique sensation.

Source: Electrek

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