This roof scoop screams Formula 1.

The teasing game for what could be the hottest premiere at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show continues, as Mercedes-AMG has released another official teaser image of the Project One. The German manufacturer calls the hypercar a “two-seater supersports showcar” and we already know we will see a near-production prototype at the 2017 IAA.

Project One Render

Project One Render

We like to call it a road-going Le Mans prototype with a Formula One engine. Indeed, the vehicle will use many full-fledged Formula One technologies, including the plug-in hybrid system and the electronics. Judging by that roof scoop, the aerodynamics and air flow optimizations will also be heavily inspired by the world’s most advanced motorsport category.

Power of the Project One will be provided by a 1.6-liter turbo V6 with hybrid assistance, derived from Mercedes-AMG’s 2015 W06 Hybrid Formula One car. Naturally, the system will be thoroughly revised for use on the road, and Mercedes promises it will last 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) between rebuilds, despite its predicted rev limit of above 10,000 rpm. Supported by two electric motors directly and two more located on the front axle, the hybrid system has an output of “over 1000 horsepower.”

As for the electric-only abilities, the car has two motors, one of which is linked straight to the crankshaft putting out 120 kW (161 hp), giving the Project One up to 15 miles (24 km) of all-electric range; we tend to feel in most cases the 'wider abilities' of the Project One will be employed - although it can certainly cruise around town quietly if it chooses.

We absolutely trust Mercedes-AMG, which says the Project One will combine “outstanding racetrack performance” with “day-to-day suitable Formula 1 hybrid technology and exemplary efficiency.” We are promised a top speed of more than 218 miles per hour (350 kilometers per hour) and that makes us even more excited.

Don’t get your hopes up too high though, as you won’t be able to order it, unless you have done it already. Mercedes-Benz will reportedly ask $2.6 million for each Project One produced with the entire run of 275 units already being pre-ordered.

Given the Project One’s current status as a near-production prototype, don’t expect to see it on the road until 2019, when first deliveries will commence.

Below:  Recent video teaser of the upcoming Project One...but looking back at the plug-in SLS AMG supercar

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