Renault has announced a new (and pretty huge) electric car sharing service in Madrid, Spain to be launched in partnership with Ferrovial Services - an infrastructure operator, and municipal services company.

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

The project - called Zity - will be launched within the M-30 beltway (and in some adjoining areas) in October with 500 Renault ZOEs. And that's just the initial number.

Renault and Ferrovial opted for the new longer-range version, the Z.E. 40, with a 41 kWh battery and 400 km NEDC range (300 km / 186 miles real world).

"This new car-sharing service in Madrid will become a reality thanks to the expertise of 2 leading companies.

This new-sharing service combines Ferrovial Services' capacities in the area of municipal services and environmentally-friendly solutions with Renault's experience as Europe's foremost supplier of electric cars and a leading brand in the field of sustainable mobility. The Madrid car sharing service will use the new ZOE. It is currently the only mass-market electric car on the market to offer an NEDC range of 400km, equivalent to about 300km in real-world conditions, thereby extending range and usage time and adressing an even larger number of users."

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