Tesla Autopilot update video via a dashcam as well as other additional elaborate camera setups.

Tesla Autopilot update video via a dashcam as well as other additional elaborate camera setups.

It only makes sense that with all of the cameras in Tesla vehicles, there should be some sort of user accessed playback feature.

Tesla owners and tech-junkies go hand-in-hand. Take a look at any of the videos out there showcasing Autopilot updates and you will see aftermarket dashcams at work. For a couple hundred bucks you can get yourself a dashcam and record video, monitor the car for thieves and hackers, have footage on hand in the event that you may need it in court following an accident, and even become a YouTube star.

Elon Musk may be biting off more than he can chew with his new spree ... offer an update idea on Twitter and we will add it soon. He just recently told another Twitter user that the automaker is going to add an auto-adjust feature to raise the steering wheel and move back the seat for easier exit. Further, per another Tesla owner's Twitter request, the feature will then adjust back to each driver's preference before they enter the car. Below is Musk's most recent reply regarding the dashcam:

This only makes sense and was probably bound to happen eventually. We already know that Tesla vehicles with Autopilot are recording driving data. About six months ago we reported about infamous Tesla hacker, Jason Hughes, being able to access some of the saved data from a Tesla collision. Why not allow Tesla owners to have some sort of access to this already installed convenience?

As these vehicles get more and more technologically advanced, perhaps there will be even more features that can be accessed by the end user. Fortunately for the Silicon Valley automaker, once Musk commits to a new idea via social media, it's as simple as an over-the-air software update to get the feature in place fleetwide. Well ... then again there's likely a decent amount of programming involved prior to rollout.

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