Tesla just lowered pricing on its top-end versions of the Model S and Model X.

The automaker says it was able to achieve efficiencies on these high-line versions and is now passing on some modest discounts to buyers.

The Tesla Model S P100D

The Tesla Model S P100D

The price drop breakdown is detailed below:

  • Model S 100D price drops $3,500 from $97,500 to $94,000
  • Model S P100D with Ludicrous sees $5,000 price reduction. Now starts at $135,000
  • Tesla Model X 100D price cut of $3,500. Starts at $96,000
  • Model X P100D with Ludicrous price slashed by $5,000. Starts at $140,000
These aren't significant cuts for ~$100,000 vehicles, but any reduction is welcome.

Teslarati adds:

"The price reduction is reflected in Tesla’s online configurator for both vehicles, and will apply to new buyers as well as existing 100D/P100D buyers that have yet to take delivery of their vehicles."

Tesla is constantly changing prices on its various models. The automaker says that once certain efficiencies are achieved, it's able to pass along discounted prices to buyers, so this high-line discount is just the latest to follow that line of reasoning.

Source: Teslarati

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