Sightings at the Fremont factory indicate that Tesla is indeed preparing more Model 3s for delivery.

Officially, Tesla Model 3 deliveries hit just 30 units last month, with all of those hand-offs occurring at the Model 3 reveal event, but now we've learned that additional deliveries are underway.

Thanks to The Tesla Show, we get a glimpse at 9 Model 3s ready for delivery outside of Tesla's Fremont factory. Presumably, more than 9 were delivered this month, but we can't provide a more firm figure until we report sales on Friday of this week.

What we do know is that most of the Model 3s being delivered are Tesla employee/investor cars. The general public likely won't start taking delivery of their ordered 3s until sometime in October.

We expect August sales/deliveries of the Model 3 still be to very low volume. Look for our monthly sales report this Friday for more details.

Source: The Tesla Show via Electrek

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