Nio Teases First Production Car Ahead Of Shanghai Debut

Are those rear gullwing doors?

China-based EV startup Nio has been making headlines for the past few months thanks to its EP9 autonomous supercar and more recently with the Eve hatchback, also fitted with driverless tech. While these two are purely concepts at the moment, the car featured in the attached teaser will actually go into production.

For the moment we are only able to catch a glimpse of the side profile courtesy of a teaser image released by Nio on its Facebook account. Without going into any details, the electric car manufacturer says it will be introduced later this month at Auto Shanghai 2017 as the marque’s very first road-going model for the Chinese market.

NIO EVE at its launch party

NIO EVE at its launch party

Much like the Eve concept, Nio’s production model wears a sky blue paint contrasted by a black roof. It appears to take the shape of an SUV judging by the contour of the beefy wheel arches and what must be a raised ride height. What’s truly interesting about the car is the fact it likely has gullwing doors taking into account the door panel seems to extend onto the roof in the same vein as the rear doors of a Tesla Model X.

We won’t have to wait too long to see the yet unnamed EV in its full production glory considering Auto Shanghai will begin in a little over a week. In the meantime, expect more teasers from Nio to create more buzz about the company’s first production model. Further down the line, an all-electric car with autonomous tech previewed by the Eve has already been confirmed for a U.S. launch at some point in 2020.

To work on actual production models, Nio obviously needs a lot of money, and thankfully tech giant Baidu is investing massively in the EV newcomer. The two companies have already confirmed the tie-up, but without revealing an exact sum. That being said, a recent report indicates total funding is believed to stand at a whopping $600 million, which should allow the R&D team work at full throttle for a while.

Source: Nio

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