While Tesla's latest Autopilot 2.0 update seems to show more improvements, the automaker still has work to do.

Just a few days ago we apprised you of a new Tesla Autopilot 2.0 update and explained that soon enough there would be videos of it in action. Well, now we have it.

The update was mostly specific to Automatic High Beams, however, it also included more fine-tuning to what's become known as the "smooth as silk" algorithm. It seems Tesla owners have been in disagreement as to the level of "smoothness", but with each update, more bugs are potentially ironed out. As Tesla moves toward its fully-operational Enhanced Autopilot, with every update, the algorithm is further streamlined and other issues are discovered.

There is somewhat of a consensus that the system is improving drastically for highway driving, although some drivers still report random quirks. Tesla insists that as the technology improves, it will become better equipped to handle difficult maneuvers on local roads.

It's a long and tedious process, and it's becoming more obvious that it will take much longer than CEO Elon Musk projected. This also means that it may be some time before Tesla realizes Full Self-Driving Capability.

Video Description via Byshop303 on YouTube:

Tesla Autopilot Update

Tesla Autopilot Update

Same old section, "newest" firmware (sans the international update that adds auto-highbeams outside the US), and the new camera rig. Manually edited together with Adobe Premiere from three cameras (two channel BlackVue and a Canon for the instrumentation).

TL;DW In this brief test I re-ran the same section. Car seems to slow down less on turns (which is good) but oversteered into the centerlane which the last version (c528869) didn't do. No apparently speed limit sign detection yet, which I'm on the lookout for in every version as the latest updates to the GPS data for speed limit make them more inaccurate in my area.

Note: This was my first test. I re-ran the same section of road a few more times with the new version and it didn't seem to make the same mistake again so it may be a fluke.

Byshop303 posted a video on the same road in the same conditions just a few days prior to the above update. Check it out below:

Source: Electrek

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