Skoda, as with the other brands inside the Volkswagen Group, is developing several new long-range, all-electric car models for the upcoming years - all on the communal MEB skateboard platform.

The first BEV from Skoda is expected by 2020, while a total of five are penned by 2025.

The Skoda approach is to develop a EV that is affordable, as "value for money" has always been the calling card of the brand (as compared to the rest of the VW Group).

Affordability by Skoda means priced lower than the “vanilla” Tesla Model 3 (not our words).

Sidenote: To us, it just seems a bit silly at this point for any OEM without a long range EV offering to even attempt to talk down the Tesla Model 3 at this point ... but we digress.

Guido Haak, the Head of product management in Skoda, explained via Autocar:

"Haak described the Model 3, which has accrued more than 400,000 reservations, as “vanilla” in its specifications given the price tag. “This car is a premium car; not for everybody,” Haak said of the Model 3’s $35,000 starting price."

"The executive explained that Skoda’s electric vehicles would not be rivals to Tesla cars, and would be priced at a more accessible level. Outlining the main criteria Skoda EVs need to fulfil, Haak listed value for money, real-world range, design, driver assistance systems and being fun to drive."

Unlike the Volkswagen I.D., BMW i or even the new Mercedes EQ subbrands, Skoda will place its plug-ins alongside the company's mainstream models.

However, as of today, Skoda is still awaiting the MEB platform, and to present live production-intent vehicles.

With that said, the updated/production sensible version of the Skoda Vision E Concept is to be presented at the IAA in September in Germany (InsideEVs will be at the show of course). The range of this model is said to be 500 km (310 miles) under NEDC, or about 225-250 miles in the real world.

source: Autocar

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