Denise Carlson, the vice president of the North American Production Innovation Center (NAPIC) Planning and NAPIC Material Engineering groups at DENSO International America, expects fast growth of electric vehicle sales to millions within 10 years.

Carlson encouraged from the recent CAR Management Briefing Seminars that car manufacturers that weren't that much engaged as Nissan or GM, “are taking Tesla seriously,”.

As example she mentioned European brands - Audi, BMW and Jaguar as well as Ford and Asian automakers.

Japanese supplier Denso also is preparing itself for the new challenges, investing some 9% of its annual revenues (or $3.6 billion) in R&D.

"Carlson says Denso is transitioning from serving mainly as a supplier to a service organization as well. “We’re seeing an increasing emphasis on mobility, electrification, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and vehicle sharing,” she observes, adding North America is leading in autonomous vehicles and connectivity."

"EVs may not dominate until midcentury because “There is still a lot of ICE (internal combustion engine) capacity out there. Costs will become optimal because there is going to be a different value chain as automakers switch (some production) from ICEs to EVs,” Carlson says.

Looking at mobility, she suggests the full impact of ride-sharing won’t show up until 2030."

source: WardsAuto

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