Tesla Model X With Bentley Interior Wants $180K On eBay

It looks good, but is it worth the price?

Both the Bentley Bentayga and Tesla Model X premium SUVs command well over six figures (in certain configurations). Tesla tuner TSportline, then, thought it only logical to combine the two, giving the Model X a Bentley-inspired red leather interior. The result is mostly is mostly beautiful.

With more than $60,000 worth of upgrades, this brand new Model X P90D is up for grabs on eBay with an asking price of $180,000. TSportline says the red leather upgrades alone are worth $25,000, and include additions to the lower dash, center console, and steering wheel. But the changes aren’t reserved to the cabin.

Tesla Model X With Bentley-Inspired Interior

Tesla Model X With Bentley-Inspired Interior

Additions like 22-inch forged wheels come wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires (265/35-22 front, 285/35-22 rear), and cost an extra $8,000. A carbon fiber sport designed front apron costs $2,000, and a gloss black vinyl wrap on the exterior chrome trim costs $1,900. A few other interior upgrades, like a new sound system, gives the package to the aforementioned $60,000 premium.

This isn’t the only Model X the company is selling on eBay either. A much more subtle – but still nonetheless interesting – TSportline example can be had for $138,000 with just 5,000 miles (8,046 kilometers) on the odometer. That one features the same 22-inch forged wheels finished in Matte Metallic Grey, but comes with factory Ultra White leather interior.

The Model X P90D with the Bentley red interior has nine days left on the auction, while the more stock-looking Model X P90D with the Ultra White factory interior has just one day left on the auction. Whichever one you do decide, they’ll both be good for a 0 to 60 mile-per-hour (96 kilometers per hour) time of about 3.8 seconds, and a range of about 250 miles (402 kilometers).

Source: eBay

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