TM4 electric motors

TM4 electric motors

The orders apparently keep on piling up for the electric motors that power Workhorse's plug-in delivery vans.

TM4 received a follow-on order for more than 500 SUMO MD electric powertrains from the Workhorse Group for its all-electric E-100, or range-extended E-GEN delivery vans.

The E-100 is rated at 100 miles range, while the E-GEN can cover 60 miles before the BMW-supplied range-extender fires up. Batteries are produced by Panasonic.

Last year, Workhorse purchased 150 powertrains from TM4, so the business appears to now be growing quickly.

Among fleets that include Workhorse vehicles are UPS and FedEx Express.

"The Workhorse E-100 all-electric, zero emission truck achieves 37.5 MPGe fuel efficiency, with an average range of 100 miles on a single charge depending on duty cycle. The Workhorse E-GEN battery-electric extended range step van achieves 30 MPGe fuel efficiency, with an average range of 60 miles all-electric plus an additional 60 miles using the integrated BMW range extender, and reduces emissions by 75%. Both vehicles utilize Panasonic Li-Ion battery packs and incorporate Workhorse’s proprietary chassis design, powertrain, battery management system and real-time Metron telematics system.

Developed for performance and durability, the TM4 SUMOTM systems are optimized for medium-and heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles such as 6-18 meter buses, delivery trucks, shuttles, tow tractors and more. By allowing direct-drive operation, the TM4 SUMOTM systems reduce the powertrain’s complexity and cost, allowing for a simple, efficient and low-maintenance solution. A direct-drive system yields over 10% efficiency gains throughout the driving cycle, representing an equivalent gain in battery usage. Some of TM4 SUMOTM systems are offered with a double-ended shaft option, allowing for easy integration in many hybrid-electric powertrain architectures."

Robert Baril, Managing Director of TM4 said:

“Last mile delivery vehicles are perfect candidates for electrification. The unique E-GEN and E-100 vehicles developed by Workhorse save fleet operators an estimated $150,000 in total cost of ownership per vehicle over a lifetime of use, in addition to significant emissions reductions.”

Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse Group declared:

“TM4’s SUMO powertrain systems have demonstrated excellent performance, efficiency and reliability in our vehicles on the road. Our partnership with TM4, a world-class Tier 1 supplier, along with Panasonic and BMW, enables us to produce a reliable, cost-effective solution for fleets at scale.”

Even though we love our personal electric vehicles, one of the biggest impacts electrification can make in the transportation sector overall is definitely on the commercial side.   After a slow start due to the early limitations of the tech at the start of this decade, plug-in commercial vehicles are starting to now gain a foothold in the business.

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