Volt or Bolt? Which one suits your needs?

This very basic infographic lays out the key differences between the Chevrolet Volt and the Chevy Bolt.

The biggest difference obviously between the two plug-in Chevys is that one is a plug-in hybrid, while the other is powered solely by battery. But if we look beyond that, we can see that a few other rather significant differences exist.

For starters, the Bolt has much more "trunk" volume. This is largely due to its high roof design, as compared to the low-slung nature of the Volt. Additionally, you'll see that the Bolt is a couple grand more expensive than the Volt and that the Bolt has more HP, though less torque, than the Volt.

When it comes down to selecting which vehicle of these two is right for you, the decision will likely be guided by charging infrastructure in your area. Public charging, though often not required or utilized, gives you the cushion you need to feel confident in buying a pure EV. That likely explains why you'll see a larger percentage of Volts versus Bolts in markets not supportive of EVs, while in the flipside is often more true in regions that show strong backing for electric vehicles.

Chevrolet Volt vs. Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Volt vs. Chevrolet Bolt

Source: Newswheel

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