Despite being the most robust charging network in the world, Tesla Supercharger usage still often exceeds capacity.

Such was the case during the recent solar eclipse.

Tesla's robust Supercharging network was tested before, during and after the recent eclipse. The extra usage resulted in lines and up to 4 hour waits.

There were numerous reports of lines at Superchargers, but the video above captures the situation quite well. The line is some 15 Teslas deep with waits reported of up to 4 hours.

Tesla has massive Supercharger expansion plans in the works (here's the 2017 expansion goal), but we're still rather doubtful it will be enough to support the hundreds of thousands of Model 3 set to hit the roads in the coming years.

Our advice to future Model 3 owners is to expect waits at all Superchargers and to seek out alternative charging methods if at all possible, because the situation certainly does not appear to be improving.

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