Nikola, the company that is developing a hydrogen electric semi-transport truck, surprised us by adding a Energy Division for on and off-grid battery solutions, solar installations and hydrogen production systems.

Nikola Energy Company - nearly 1 MW solar project

Nikola Energy Company - nearly 1 MW solar project

The Nikola Corporation group now consists of three subsidiaries:

  • Nikola Motor Company (for the vehicles)
  • Nikola Powersports (powersports industry)
  • Nikola Energy Company (new)
The latest subsidiary begins its operation via the acquisition of 30-year-old Alternative Power Systems.

"Nikola Energy Company has designed and installed over 50 solar energy systems in the residential and commercial sectors. With the combined expertise of Nikola and APS, Nikola Energy provides on-time, professional solar system installations. Whether you use $100 or $5,000,000 in energy per month, Nikola Energy can help you get off-grid and significantly cut your power bill."

The first big new project under Nikola name is a nearly 1 MW solar installation in Utah, the largest rooftop installation in the state.

"Nikola Energy Company recently completed the installation of a 2,900 panel solar energy system for Dunford Bakers, a premier Utah baking company, on the roof of Dunford’s West Jordan, Utah production facility. This project marks the completion of one of Utah’s largest single rooftop solar installations to date.

Dunford Bakers set out to reduce its electrical consumption and do its part to protect the environment and turned to Nikola Motor Company’s sister company, Nikola Energy, to make it happen. The nearly 1 MW solar project, which received a solar incentive award from Rocky Mountain Power, has created more than 668 MWh since its installation and has oset approximately 400 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of roughly 45,000 gallons of gasoline."

"Nikola Energy chose high eiciency LG solar panels and industry leading Solectria inverters for the project."


Nikola CEO Trevor Milton said:

“It is by far one of the cleanest solar installations you will see anywhere. Each conduit pipe was CNC bent to perfection and we used new 3-D modeling technology to lay the panels, route the wires and protect the roof. We are very happy with the finished product and are excited about the clean energy savings for Dunford. It was our pleasure to assist Dunford in working towards its zero emission goals,”.

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