Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The most comprehensive Tesla Model 3 "competitive" vehicle comparison to date has just surfaced over on Imgur.

You're in for a real treat here. Literally dozens of "competitive" vehicles are compared to the Tesla Model 3 in easy-to-decipher visual form. There's even an alternative powertrain-only graphic to compare the 3 to other mostly plug-in vehicles.

Why the quotes around "competitive?" Well, for starters, some of the vehicles compared to the 3 only make the charts because they use some form of alternative propulsion. Other vehicles are really too expensive to be considered competitors. Add in the title of the Imgur uploads "Comparing the Model 3 with 24 vaguely rival-ish cars" and it becomes obvious that not all the listed vehicles can compete with the 3.

You'll see why the competitive doesn't really fit for some of the listed vehicles just as soon as you check out the graphics (below). Here's just a tiny snippet of what you'll see in the Imgur (via SomeGuy64) comparison graphics.

Snippet of Tesla Model 3 Comparison Graphic (Check out full images here via <a href=Imgur/SomeGuy64)" draggable="false">

Snippet of Tesla Model 3 Comparison Graphic (Check out full images here via Imgur/SomeGuy64)

*Note: There are 4 images which you can scroll through the last three by clicking the next and previous arrows. A single click on any image will whisk you away to the Imgur page where you can enlarge each image to more clearly see comparative data.

Tesla Model 3 comparison sheets

Source: Imgur via Reddit

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