Ripping apart a Tesla Model X, or any electric vehicle, may pose some unique obstacles not found in traditional vehicles.

Since EVs only make up less than one percent of the global market share of vehicles, how can we assure that first responders are aware of any special considerations? Are all rescuers trained to deal with an emergency involving an electric vehicle?

These are really good questions, and it turns out that similar concerns were brought up at Tesla's recent shareholder meeting. Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided immediate answers.

Tesla Model X safely ripped apart by trained firefighters using the jaws of life.

Tesla Model X safely ripped apart by trained firefighters using the jaws of life.

Tesla has an Emergency Responder Guide available on its website, which explains exactly how first responders can deal with emergencies involving Tesla vehicles. More specifically, it goes into detail regarding how to safely and properly extract trapped victims

The Tesla Model X is a strange case, because not only is it an EV, but it also has the unique falcon wing doors which are incredibly strong, with boron steel, and fitted with high voltage cables. A team of firefighters at the 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference demonstrated the process using Tesla's emergency instructions. In about 15 minutes, the team safely deconstructs a Tesla Model X in front of the public.

So, the answer to the above questions is that emergency responders should be aware, and the information is readily available. Special training is offered on the subject, and many teams work through it. However, it can be assumed that many emergency units throughout the world have not looked at the information, or practiced the process. Let's hope that's not the case. As EVs become more commonplace, awareness and education will inevitably increase.

Video Description via Rob Carovillano on YouTube:

Hurst Jaws of Life presented this vehicle rescue demonstration on a Tesla Model X at the 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference.

Check out another similar video with more specific dialogue provided by Advanced Extrication via Teslarati:

Video Description via Advanced Extrication on YouTube:

The Tesla Model X may create some unique challenges for rescuers. In this video we take a close look at Model X from a responder perspective. With Brock Archer - Advanced Extrication and Randall Wells - Asst. Chief, Denver Fire

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