A virtual Tesla Model 3 parked alongside a Tesla Model S and Model X. How cool is that?

Until deliveries of the real Model 3 commence, this is as close as you'll get to putting a 3 in your driveway next to your other Teslas or other plug-in cars.

EVANNEX, along with technology firm Kinetic Vision, brings us this near life-sized, augmented-reality Model 3.

It starts business-card small. From there you can upsize to your heart's desire. This video above stops short of real size, but hopefully someone out there takes it a step further to bring to life a full-size, virtual Model 3.

As EVANNEX explained when it first launch this virtual Model 3:

"All you’ll need is our free AR app for either iPhone or Android and a small, business card size “target” that you can download from our website. Fire up the app, point your mobile device at the target and a lifelike three-dimensional, fully scalable, rotatable Model 3 appears for your viewing pleasure."

Check out the video below, or this previous post, for more details on how to get started.

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