Nissan IDS Concept foreshadows look of the next generation LEAF for 2018

Nissan IDS Concept foreshadows look of the next generation LEAF for 2018

Nissan has reportedly developed a LEAF-sized vehicle that can go up to 342 miles on a single charge.

2018 Nissan LEAF

2018 Nissan LEAF

But it won't launch until 2020, or so.

A crude translation from Japanese site Techon provides us with the details.

"Nissan Motor started investigating to introduce EV (Electric Vehicle) reaching the range of about 550 km per charge per charge."

Kazuo Yajima, Renault-Nissan Alliance Global Director of EV · HEV technology, is the man behind this revelation. Yajima says that in the future, pure electric vehicles, not plug-in hybrids, will dominate. He adds that over the next few years, PHEVs will likely become obsolete as the charging infrastructure grows and electric vehicle ranges increases dramatically.

The big leap comes by 2020:

"We have developed a prototype vehicle that can run 550 km while keeping the cargo capacity with the same external dimension as the current LEAF."

Says Yajima. That's 342 miles (we assume using the optimistic Jc08, which would be more like 250 miles of real world/EPA range). That range figure is achieved by using a new battery cell with increased energy density. Packaging of the cells is more dense too.

This information comes after new CEO Hiroto Saikawa earlier talked in April about a 300 mile target for 3 years from now saying. "...It’s a usable range, 300 miles. I believe that the technology will lead us to go there.”

Source: Techon

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