Learning to drive behind the wheel of a BMW i8 is now apparently reality thanks to a driver's education school in the UK.

What could possibly go wrong?

Car Throttle reports:

"Bill Plant Driving School has equipped the 357bhp hybrid with dual controls, which will allow an instructor to hit the anchors if someone should get carried away with the performance. Or misunderstand how steering works, or something else daft that learners tend to do early in their lessons. The special i8 even has a little L-plate-shod pyramid on top, for maximum weirdness."

Video description:

Bill Plant driving school is delighted to offer the unique driving experience of the BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar for driving lessons and driving experiences in London.

To book your lesson visit billplant.co.uk/i8 or call 0330 555 2254.

The i8 joins Bill Plant driving school's growing fleet of BMW tuition vehicles including the i3, 1 series and X1.

There's an upcharge to get behind the wheel of the i8 for training though. It'll apparently cost you £50 per hour for lessons in the i8. Even if your not in driver's ed, you can still drive the i8 provided you've got a full or provisional driving license and $50 a hour to spare.

Source: Car Throttle

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