Elon Musk's latest venture, The Boring Company, seems to hitting the news almost daily after and extended period of almost no new developments.

Just after announcing verbal approval from the federal government for a New York-Philadelphia-Baltimore-DC Hyperloop, more projects are now being suggested.

Recenly, Elon Musk was asked about the Los Angeles to San Francisco project and the answer was: that it "would be great"... but why end there? Los Angeles-San Francisco-Reno/Sparks "would be great" too.

Musk also noted that "Tesla logistics costs for Sparks-Fremont (batteries & motors) and Fremont-LA (finished cars) are gigantic."

In the case of the east coast, no details are known, whether the tunnels will be for coaches or car-hauling electric sleds. In the case of the LA-SF route, moving "finished cars" suggests electric sleds.

More fresh news is that Hawthorne Mayor, Alex Vargas met with Elon Musk to check out the boring machine segments.  Pics of which below!

"Hawthorne support for The Boring Company much appreciated."





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