"All it took was one road trip and I was a Bolt EV convert."

States Slash Gear.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV

The folks over at Slash Gear recently had some behind-the-wheel time in the Chevrolet Bolt and were impressed by how well rounded the electric car from Chevy is overall.

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On Slash Gear's scoring system, the Bolt received 9 out of 10 total points. An impressive result, for sure.

The pros and cons break down as follows (via Slash Gear):


  • Better-than-EPA range
  • Legitimately rewarding to drive
  • Category-beating levels of tech
  • Spacious cabin and trunk


  • Level 1 charger is a slow way to charge
  • No navigation option
  • Tight fit for five people
The Slash Gear review concludes:

"All it took was one road trip and I was a Bolt EV convert."

"You can get 250+ miles of enjoyable range with space, near-silence, and plenty of gadgets, and courtesy of the federal incentives save $7.5k off the sticker price. It’s not just a solid alternative to the gasoline compact cars out there, it’s simply better than them."

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