Elegant E-Learning founder, Andrei Zakhareuski, has officially launched an incentive program for the Tesla Model 3 and it's the first of its kind.

Elegant E-Learning founder, Andrei Zakhareuski, has officially launched an incentive program for the Tesla Model 3 and it's the first of its kind.

How about a driver's training scholarship for children of Tesla Model 3 owners?

While Driving-Tests.org's primary purpose centers around driver's ed, the innovative organization if thinking head. It has put together purposeful and informative surveys related to the future of the automotive industry, and more specifically electric and self-driving vehicles. Now, the organization's pursuits are going a step further.

For the first 100 of many upcoming Tesla Model 3 owners, Driving-Tests.org will give a $500 gift to be used toward paying for driver education. This gift is only for Model 3 owners, since they will be teaching the future generation to drive in an electric car with self-driving technology features.

Driving-Tests.org found, by way of a recent survey (link below), that only 30 percent of respondents intend to purchase an electric car. Further, many people supporting Tesla and believing in EVs in general, weren't planning to buy one for themselves. The company hopes that turning young people on to these vehicles at an early age will bump that percentage up over the coming years. The website reads:

“Our younger generation deserves a better, greener future. Driving-Tests.org is doing its part in accelerating the advent of sustainable transport by launching a new program.”

“By providing a financial incentive for young drivers to get some behind-the-wheel experience with Tesla vehicles sooner, we’re hoping to introduce them to quality electric vehicles early in their journey to becoming fully licensed drivers."

“We hope that this will help them see the advantages of electric vehicles and what great potential (no pun intended) they have. We are excited to be the first private organization to offer such an incentive to Model 3 owners, and we hope other companies will follow.”

The survey is full of interesting and insightful information. It's fantastic to see organizations like this supporting electric vehicles and hoping to contribute to a cleaner future.

A brief description of Driving-Tests.org, complements of Elegant E-Learning founder, Andrei Zakhareuski:

Driving-Tests.org offers free online DMV practice tests to all users with the goal of creating safer, more educated drivers. The company is committed to helping reduce road crashes, injuries and fatalities among all drivers and motorcyclists by helping new drivers become better educated before getting behind the wheel. Driving-Tests.org currently partners with over 1,900 libraries across the U.S. and has several national non-profit partnerships including the National Safety Council, National Organizations for Youth Safety, American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and the Roadway Safety Foundation. Driving-Tests.org had over 16M unique visitors in 2016.

Additionally, a link to to the organization's recent survey is included below:

Aspiring Drivers Weigh Automotive RevolutionDriving-Tests.org surveys 158,000 of its visitors about their views on electric cars and self-driving cars.

Source: Driving-Tests.org, Teslarati

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