BMW has expanded its European Delivery Program at the Welt with the BMW i8, an experience which was previously was limited to just more conventional petrol models.

BMW i8 Frozen Yellow Edition

BMW i8 Frozen Yellow Edition

It could be an interesting option to not only purchase the i8 (or an iPerformance model), but also combine the buy with a trip to Europe and visit BMW's Welt operations.

Customers picking up vehicles at Welt operations are presented with a "staged experience" waiting on their vehicles in a glass-walled hall, with their cars lifted up from lower levels on elevator platforms; and while their, why not check out BMW HQ and museum?

Better still, is that customers can save up to 5% off the base MSRP (details are available through dealers) at the same time.

BMW i3 still isn't included in the European Delivery Program.

"The hidden gem in BMW’s buying process has been and still is, the European Delivery Program. BMW, as well as many other German car makers, offers a European Delivery option when ordering a brand new Bimmer. Many people don’t realize that this program exists, otherwise we feel like there would be significantly more Americans doing it.

It’s a wonderful program that allows the customer to not only get a significant discount on their car but a trip to Germany and other European countries as well as an experience to remember for a lifetime. Compared to the Americans, European customers often have to pay an extra fee – up to 500 euros – for the wonderful delivery experience."


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