No, it's not. Want to know why?

Watch the DragTimes video and you'll find out.

Cliff notes? Sure. $7,500 is a lot of coin for a marginal performance increase. The P85D with Ludicrous will still be outgunned by other, newer versions of the Model S. The P85D is quick enough without the upgrade.

Video description:

"We test out a Tesla Model S P85D that was upgraded with Ludicrous Mode, is this upgrade worth the $7,500 price tag? We also give a short update on our upcoming 2018 Ford GT."

Tesla makes its old cars obsolete almost as quickly as they leave the lot. Having the latest and greatest Tesla means buying a new one, not upgrading an old one, so we'd skip this Ludicrous P85D upgrade. Plus it's ludicrously priced too.

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