Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

It takes highly knowledgeable thieves to figure out how to steal a Tesla, and they have, but the automaker will soon put an end to the problem.

News of car thieves targeting Tesla vehicles has come to the forefront in Europe. Not only have the criminals stolen the cars, but they've gotten away with it. This is unlike past reports of idiot bad guys taking a Tesla and not realizing that it could be tracked so easily.

Europe's Tesla thieves are stealing the cars without the key fob.

Europe's Tesla thieves are stealing the cars without the key fob.

It hasn't been disclosed how the thieves have been successful, which is probably a good thing. Broadcasting such methods isn't very smart. According to Electrek, the crooks didn't make off with the key fobs, and GPS tracking was not engaged. So, somehow they started the vehicles and turned off the tracking system. Although, they could have towed the vehicles, but that's not very likely.

Reports of one incident point to either a key fob or Tesla App hack, along with Sim card removal or some sort of GPS blocker. Several other incidents have occurred in the Netherlands over a short period of time. According to nrc.nl, a Dutch news site, 11 Model S' have gone missing as of late, and nine disappeared inside of a single week.

Unfortunately, police in the area have explained that usually the vehicles are broken down for parts within a few hours. According to Electrek, a Model S stolen from the Netherlands was discovered crossing into Germany. It was in the back of a truck, already in pieces.

Tesla President of sales and service, Jon McNeill chimed in about the situation after a man reported that he watched a thief move around his Tesla carrying a laptop. Within minutes he drove the car away. McNeill made it clear that similar methods are being used to steal other cars. He said (via Electrek):

“The method used by the thieves is also used to steal other cars."

Tesla is now in the process of developing a software update that intends to take care of the issue. It's assumed it will be pushed out fleet-wide once it's ready.

Source: nrc.nl via Electrek

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