Outside Aerial Rendering Of Starfield Hanam, Site Of One Of Tesla's Stores In South Korea

Outside Aerial Rendering Of Starfield Hanam, Site Of One Of Tesla's Stores In South Korea

Tesla plans more Supercharger site in South Korea than initially promised.

Tesla's Jonathan McNeill, president of global sales and service, was in South Korea recently to celebrate the opening of Tesla's first two stores in the nation.

While there, McNeill made in few comments in regards to Tesla's future plans for charging infrastructure in South Korea. According to McNeill, Tesla will install 14 Supercharger stations in Korea by the end of this year. That's 8 more than the initial plan of 6 and equal to the number in Japan, despite Tesla beginning sales there some three years ago.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

McNeill says that Seoul will be home to at least 6 Supercharger stations. The remaining 8 will be installed near highways outside of Seoul. Most sites will contain 6 to 8 charging stalls.

This uptick in Superchargers is likely due to overwhelming demand for Teslas in South Korea. Demand is so high that the waiting list for test drives in some 6 months long. McNeill adds that South Korea is actually one of the world's largest luxury car markets, ranking #5 overall.

Korea Joongang Daily adds:

"Three supercharger stations will be established in Korea until June. One of them will be at Gran Seoul, a commercial office building in bustling Jongno District in central Seoul, and another one will be built at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas hotel in Samseong-dong in southern Seoul."

Nearby Jeju Island is making a pitch to get Tesla to sell there too. McNeill met with Won Hee-ryong, the governor of Jeju Island. The governor later posted this on his Facebook page:

“I met with Jon McNeill today to promote plans to install superchargers and open Tesla showroom in Jeju Island. We are going to have another meeting in May."

Source: Korea Joongang Daily via Teslarati

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