When Daimler introduced the Mercedes-Benz EQ brand for future electric cars in 2016, it turned out that the company put itself on a collision course with Chinese automaker Chery, which already sells eQ electric cars in China since 2014.

Chery already has this spicy little plug-in number, the

Chery already has this spicy little plug-in number, the "eQ"

Recently Daimler and Chery announced they had come to an agreement on the usage of the EQ/eQ brand names for their respective plug-in products and brands.

We imagine Daimler had to grease the wheels a little bit to make this arrangement happen

  • Chery will focus on using the designations eQ and eQ1, as well as further numerical continuations thereof. Chery will also use eQ TEC to nominate their car electrification system
  • Daimler will focus on use for its electric Mercedes-Benz products with the designations EQC and any other alphabetical supplements. Daimler will use the EQ Power designation for Plug-In Hybrids

So it turns that we will see EQC (for the first SUV model we believe and EQA, EQE, EQS for other models), as well, as now have indirect confirmation about plug-in hybrids EQ Power for the future.

"Chery has already been using the eQ and eQ1 brand names in China since year 2014 and Daimler has now also granted them the possibility to use this name family in countries outside of China. Daimler established the EQ brand family for electrically driven Mercedes-Benz vehicles almost simultaneously in countries outside of China and Chery has granted the company the possibility to also use this in China now.

Both companies underline the intrinsic value and opportunities which the EQ/eQ name offers for new energy vehicles and will continue to develop and expand the respective brand families in different directions in the future."

Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Greater China said:

"Chery achieved great reputation in China with their eQ brand name and we highly respect that. I am happy that Daimler and Chery agreed on a collective use of the eQ/EQ acronyms in an open and partner-like atmosphere. With this mutual understanding, Chery and Daimler commit to fostering the electric future in the automotive industry – in China and all over the world,".

Anning Chen, CEO at Chery confirmed:

"From the establishment of the Chery brand, we subscribe to the mission of automotive innovation and internationalization of the brand.  We are proud of the achievements that Chery made in technological development and intellectual property. We applaud to the win-win agreement reached with Daimler of the coexistence of our brands worldwide. Chery is dedicated to provide the global market with superior product value, customer experience and unique brand value."

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