Over in the world of internal combustion-engined cars, The BMW 2 Series and its M2 sibling are regarded as perhaps the most exciting vehicles available for buyers on a budget. Why not make an electric version then?

That's precisely what render David Olivares, a designer from Monterey, Mexico has done here.

Olivares took the M performance division and combined it with BMW i sub-brand of electric vehicles. The result is the BMW iM2 seen here. Olivares says that the iM2 " is a car made for the future driver aficionado. It bonds the user and the machine by providing him a raw control of the vehicle."

BMW iM2 Render

BMW iM2 Render

Olivares adds:

“This series hopes to fill the gaps between the current BMW series. It sacrifices luxury, top speed and range to achieve great acceleration, balance and competitive price."

Since it's only a render, there are no specs available. However, we do applaud Olivares for thinking electric and for creating this bold iM2 design. This comes at a time when BMW itself seems to be dialing back its electric car efforts and is intent on offering only subpar plug-in hybrids across the BMW Group. That's unfortunate, since we think a car such as this battery-only iM2 would really be a hit.


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