Tesla service is expanding at a rapid rate.

That's the takeaway from Tesla's latest video, which focuses on all sorts of service-side expansion going on at Tesla in preparation for the Model 3.

Here's the main highlight:

According to Tesla, some 90% of issues can be solved with over-the-air updates and remote diagnostics. If that doesn't work, chances are a Tesla mobile technician can come to assist you with your needs. Tesla says its adding some 350-plus new mobile units. A more major issue may require bringing your car into a service center. Tesla has you covered there too with 100+ new service centers coming soon and 1,400 new technicians being added to do the repair work.

Video description:

"We’re making auto service easier. Over-the-air updates and Mobile Service keep you out of the shop. When you need to bring your Tesla in, the experience will be quick and seamless."

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