Finally, these are the kinds of charging infrastructure projects that the US needs to see more of!

Nissan has announced a deep charging infrastructure project with EVgo to build what it calls the "I-95 Fast-Charge ARC", connecting Boston and Washington D.C. with nine charging locations, each equipped with multiple 50 kW fast chargers.

It will be one of the rare inter-city projects with double-head chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) and at least four fast charging stands at each station.

Initially, 50 kW units are to be installed (by fall 2017), but the infrastructure will be pre-wired and future-proofed for 150 kW chargers down the road as new, longer-range EVs arrive that can accept that level of charge.

  • Later this year, electric-vehicle owners in the Northeast will be able to make the 500-mile journey between Boston and Washington D.C. more conveniently thanks to a series of DC fast-charge stations along the "I-95 Fast-Charge ARC"
  • Nine EVgo DC fast-charge sites, with 50 total chargers equipped with two fast-charge plugs each, are set to provide the necessary charging infrastructure to connect the two cities and everything between
  • Most of the charging stations are located conveniently off I-95 for easy on/off access and will be among the nation’s largest public charging stations to assure availability and speed of service

Currently there are more than 2,100 CHAdeMO fast chargers installed in the U.S. according to Nissan and more than 1,200 J1772 Combo (aka CCS). Meanwhile the public AC Level 2 counter has crossed 38,000.

More Northeast charge stations coming for Nissan LEAF and other EVs

More Northeast charge stations coming for Nissan LEAF and other EVs

JeSean Hopkins, senior manager, EV infrastructure strategy & business development, Nissan North America, Inc. said:

"Regardless of range capability, a convenient fast-charge infrastructure along high-traffic routes is imperative in the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. This element of the EV equation is seemingly overlooked by others, but we’re all-in. Following a similar project in California, this is our second ‘corridor’ project in the U.S. and completion is expected in time for the launch of the all-new Nissan LEAF."

Rob Barrosa, vice president, OEM strategy & business development at EVgo said:

"This charging corridor will provide the best public charging experience available in the U.S. to drivers in one of the most densely populated and highly trafficked routes in the country, affirming Nissan’s commitment to EV drivers. The sites are also designed to accommodate 150kW high-power charging, paving the way for charging the next generation of EVs on the East Coast."

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