A dealership obviously had way too much fun with this hilarious Chevrolet Bolt commercial.

It seems that maybe they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. The buyer (presumably single) is not interested in commitment. He envisions himself in a sudden, long-term relationship with the Bolt, which results in marriage and divorce, all inside of a minute. Fortunately, now you can lease a new Chevrolet Bolt, so the commitment is temporary.

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Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

This makes sense since leasing is so popular these days, and many see the younger generation as non-committal. One would think that there is an even stronger case for this attitude when we are talking about a brand-new model, from an up-and-coming segment.

While offering the Chevrolet Bolt nationwide, and with better lease prices, will hopefully get more of them on the road, GM also has to be careful about timing. There is still a large group of people trying to decide between the Bolt and the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Will it help GM to get these leased now, even though it may time out so that many customers can turn in their Bolt lease and get a Model 3? Or, once they fall in love with their Chevrolet Bolt, they may no longer want a Tesla?

Regardless of how it works out, at least GM can generate more interest in the Bolt, and lease as many as possible in the interim. Only time will tell how competition pans out between the two affordable long-range electric vehicles. With all of the announcements as of late, there will be many more players in the game soon enough.

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